Third day at Work Experience

So my third and last day at work experience was done in my uncles Boarding Kennels near where I live. 

Upon arriving at nine in the morning, we started off today by walking two dogs at a time three times. First for me was a cream dog (of which my uncle forgot her name) . Then came back and brought another dog Bella for a walk with Ralph the basset hound. And surprisingly, Ralph was really strong for such a small dog. After we finished the dogs’ walks for the morning, I helped a man with his the new arrivals. Two huge chocolate newfoundlands, and when I say huge I mean it. After settling them down, we then power-hosed the dirty kennels and filled the water bowls up for all dogs (with the hose, ’twas funny). I then brought Mac, the jack russell terrier, for a short walk on my own as he was old and had to be brought at his own pace. I then had a break, and my cousin joined me. We drank tea together, and he threw my welly out into the yard…. whilst doing this, he let out a yorksire terrier being minded, Lucky, and we both had to go out into the yard to chase this little dog around, who of course thought it was a fun game we were all playing.
I then had the most gruesome job of the day-cleaning out the cattery. I swept, hoovered and mopped until all was done. Very dusty with low roofs and a meowing cat around me. Would highly not recommend it. At all. My uncle then had to go into town, so I minded his dogs-Quiver and Echo and Lucky the cutely brat dog, who surprisingly snores very loudly. I had a moment of panic upon loosing Quivs and Echo, but found then behind a curtain casually sunbathing. I answered the official phone and took appointments and dates. A man came for his dog and he paid me. My uncle came back and well that was pretty much it. We drank tea. 

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