Appearance insecurities?

“You’ve lost a lot of weight”
I never know how to respond to this when I hear it. Probably due to many reasons.

1. I’m awkward with compliments
2. It’s usually from an aunt or something and I just awkwardly smile.
3. I don’t feel right saying thank you.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a post about my insecurities. But I don’t take it as a compliment. And it’s not out of ‘gasp, did you think I was fat before?’ . I know I’m not the thinnest person in the world the same way I know I’m not the fattest person in the world. I never had MAJOR issues with my body-no more than the average teenager anyway. But I think it’s disgusting how ‘you look very thin’ and phrases like these are considered compliments. It’s sick and wrong how the media, and society in general, build up this ‘perfect image’ of how one should be. We hear all these stories of rebelling against this society, and protests to change this perfect picture.
Yet this image has not changed.
At all.
Because nobody’s REALLY trying that hard.
I know an overweight person doesn’t have the same appearance appeal to others, but that’s just the sad truth to some. And I hate that probably as much as I hate double weight standards. Like, how “wow, you should eat more carbohydrates” is even CONSIDERED a compliment is completely beyond me. I know some of my friends are naturally thin with fast metabolisms, and I was surprised and shocked to hear they’re conscious of their own physical make up. I’ve talked to them about their insecurities. However, I thought they had this perfect life of eating as much as you want and being thin forever. To them though, they have insecurities about clothes being too baggy, boobs not being big enough, not being able to wear more grown up clothes, looking too much like having ‘chicken legs’ to wear shorts. At first it did baffle me how they weren’t happy, but they thought the same way about me.
But this whole ‘thinking it’s a compliment to say I’m loosing weight’ isn’t a compliment. The only reason I’ve apparently been loosing weight is because I’d given up chocolate, crisps, sweets, etc for Lent. (Which is now over, nom). But the person who said it to me today didn’t know that, or could assume that. For all they know I could have been bulimic and they just:
1. Encouraged me what I’m doing is working and I should continue.
2. Give me a reason that I was ‘fat’ in the first place.
Of course neither of these apply to me, but that person didn’t know that. Nobody could have known that.
So I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post is. I started it when I was bored and hungry in the restaurant we were at when someone said this to me.
But weight problems have always been there. I attend an all girls school, so nobodies insecurities are totally gone. Not with the 799 other girls surrounding you anyway. But I’m going to say what I hear a lot;
You gotta learn to love yourself.
I hate to admit it but yes, I did originally start lent to cut down on all the fat I was eating. But this wasn’t for my appearance, it was for my health. I swapped normal tea for green tea to help speed up my metabolism, and swapped crisps for cereal at night if I was watching something. (I’d usually do that anyway, it just gives me something to do with my hands and mouth while watching something.). And I did see an improvement in myself. My skin was healthier, I had more energy, I could exercise for longer, and I felt happier.
In my opinion, it’s so stupid people worrying over their appearances. I say people because I know it’s not just girls. However, I’ve never had first hand experience at dealing with boys insecurities, so I personally feel that I have no right to talk about, and assume, about that here on my blog. Of course I alone cannot stop people worrying, but I can say once you accept who you are, it gets better from there.


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