Ideas for my blog?

Upon reviewing my blog, I realised I post a lot of random crap irrelevant to each other…
So I’ve decided to write reviews once a week. But not reviews of places I’ve been, or food I’ve ate. But YouTube videos. 
And my main reason for doing this is that in school, review writing is my weakest point in English class. I’m either not interested in the topic at all and write useless  material, or I get way too opinionated over a topic, or I don’t like it and have nothing to back it up with. So to improve this, I’m just going to write. I’ve over 600 subscriptions in my sub box so I figured, if I take one a week and just write what I felt about it that it will improve on my consistent blogs along with my reviewing skills.  
If you read them, please keep in mind I’m under 18 and still in school. Or that I mightn’t always have good evidence of what I say. Or phrase it correctly. But I want to get better, I want to learn, and I want to build an audience of people who like what I write. 
I probably will write more of random occurrences, but I will always (try) to have my review up Saturday morning. Woooo lets do this! 


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