I love my cute dog.

So we’ve this cat, (don’t worry, my title’s not misleading) and well it belongs to someone, we just don’t know who. She’s very cute and playful and called Oreo. Now, sometimes Oreo just likes to chill beside the basketball hoop base. For ages we had no idea why, but one day I copped on that it was a stalking place with a view of our bird house. Now we actually own a dog, a cross of a labrador and pointer named Mel. She’s ten this year and usually chases after cats, but for some reason not Oreo. We’ve no idea why, probably because Oreo doesn’t run from her and they’re both just awkwardly standing there. The cat even came into our house one day, and Mel wasn’t overly fazed by her. 
But today, Mel was barking at the cat outside. Thinking this was unusual I went over to her and knelt beside her looking out our french doors. Mel wasn’t barking at Oreo chillin’ at the basketball hoop base, she was barking to warn the birds who were about to be pounced on by Oreo. I just thought that was adorably cute and wanted to share. 

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