Living in Dream world

Procrastination is my middle name. It’s not out of laziness, but more ‘fear’ish I suppose. Say you give me a task on Monday due for Sunday and I knew it took three days to complete. I wouldn’t get it over and done by starting on Monday. Likewise, I wouldn’t leave it and finish on the Sunday. I’m the kind of person who would probably have the two days off to relax, panic that I don’t have enough time, start on the Wednesday and finish on the Friday, leaving me one day in case something went wrong and a day to relax. Planned yet stalled.
I have two and a half weeks off from school for Easter and I was given an English essay to do. It’s about one week and a half in and I haven’t even touched it. I’m completely living in a utopia made up of the Internet and days out with my friends. A surging feeling in my stomach happens every time I look over at my awaiting school bag. As if I start it…”it starts”. If that makes sense? The pressure and work being forced on me that I’m currently oblivious to has come back, and I’ve no break for another seven weeks. And I hate it! My essay is not even that hard yet here I am, writing about it instead of writing it.


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