First day at Work Experience!

As part of my LCVP course in 5th year, all my class has to do three days of work experience.
Today was my first day in a Veterinary clinic. To be honest, I don’t know why I chose veterinary nursing. I was planning to go to my uncles’ kennels, but then my neighbour got me the days down at the local vets and my parents couldn’t say no. Wooo.
So all month, our teacher has been prepping us with techniques to use and act like in our experience. Like: Be ten minutes early for work. This failed miserably as no one was there, nor arrived until the ten minutes after. So I knocked on the door and went in. A woman greeted me and told me to take a seat. And that’s basically what I did for an hour. Another woman and a college student working there arrived. I still did nothing. I kind of just sat there watching them for a while. As boring as it was, it was understandable. It’s not like I knew how to handle blood samples, or advise people on the telephone what to do about their animal. The few small chat questions were asked, but it was really interesting to watch them. The first customer of the morning was a lady and her dog- Sniff. He was adorable! I entertained him for a bit as they got the medicine for the woman’s farm. I also loved how he didn’t bark at me, but at the college student. The clinic vet arrived and I could easily see why the rest of the staff loved her.
A funny moment happened when there was a man and his dog outside the clinic. Then a woman arrived, and stopped to talk to the man. Then another man came. And suddenly it was a “social circle” as described as one of the staff. We had a good laugh about it after ten minutes passed of customers chatting outside. Eventually one of the women went out and asked if any one needed a vet. Yes being the general answer.
So in comes a man with his dog- George and I was told I was allowed to go in with the vet. Wooo something to do. Along with this man, came his wife with their male cat- Rosie. Apparently they got the cat and named “her”, only to find “she” was a “he” a few months later, apparently the name stuck. Even though George has a huge swollen throat, I don’t think a happier and more content dog ever entered that clinic. And I know this is going to sound terrible, but the noises the cat was making was actually quite funny, like a drama queen. The vet wasn’t so sure what was wrong with either of them, but treated them the best she could. After that had finished, an elderly couple had their terrier in. Although half way through their appointment, I was told I was going with the main vet, and one of the office women on calls to local farmers. So I put on my wellies and got in the van with them. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled around my area so much. The amount of farms around I had no clue about was unreal.
So first the farmer showed us the way to the cows, and then lined them up in a small gate long narrow  metal thing (I have no idea how to properly describe it) and locked about 6 cows off each time. The main vet then snipped a bit of their hair, injected something and moved on. I held a box, which I briefly read as bovine tuberculosis solution. We were doing tests for TB….I think…. it wasn’t exactly explained…I kind of just followed them holding this box. So then for a few cows, blood had to be taken for sampling. I also held the box with the blood test tubes in it…yaaay… Then the woman who I came with typed the tag number into a handheld machine thing…which I wasn’t entirely sure what it did. Then we walked back to the van, and moved on to where the farmer kept the rest of his cattle and repeated the process. This happened the exact same way for about three more farms. Then I got taken to a restaurant for dinner (caser salad yum). After that we did four(ish) more farms.
The last farm was different though. We stopped off to treat a sick cow with Milk Fever. Lack of calcium and nutrients as they recently calved and passed all the nutrients to their offspring. (I asked). So the main vet handed me a metal thing to hold the cows nose. The woman must of saw the horrified look on my face, because she passed me the calcium bottles and did it herself. He injected something into her and let the luke-warm calcium bottle drain into the veins of the cow. I kind of zoned out for a bit but the next thing I knew, the main vet was covered in blood. He quickly wiped it away, and the cow was fine.
It was cold, and raining, and quite boring, and muddy, and did I mention cold? Like it was fine, but I defiantly leaned I do not want to be a cow vet… Speaking with the farmers was quite cool though! But no, cattle farming is not for me. Fingers crossed I get to stay in the clinic tomorrow!


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