Let me go!

Ever since my sister moved out all I feel from my retired father is how much he actually does for me. And this isn’t about the whole ‘I’d jump in front of a bullet for you’ kind of thing, or anything sentimental like that, it’s not letting me be independent in any way.
Every morning, either of my parents wake me up for school. Note to reader, I do actually set an alarm and get up myself, they just see this need to get up with me every morning. So I’d get ready and go downstairs for breakfast. If it was my mum, she’d usually be reading a magazine drinking coffee. And using sense, I’d get myself a cereal or toast or whatever I’m in the mood for. But nooo…. Every morning dad gets up I always have to have a freaking buffet already prepared for me as I walk through the kitchen door. This morning, for example, I had a mashed up egg in a cup with buttered bread and a smoothie, along with a platter of grapes and raspberries. Like, who does that? Last week, I had a gammon steak with a ring of pineapple. How on earth is this normal? If you’re a parent/remember your teen years, you know for a fact that people my ages aren’t:
1. Talkative in the morning.
2. Hungry for a buffet in the morning.
So when he prepares this platter of goods every morning, what am I meant to do? Beem and say its perfect? Because its not! I’m not a spoilt brat, I swear. But the amount of times I have to say that is unreal. I want to be self sufficient for college in just under two years. I’ve never once cooked for myself, never did my own washing, never tasked with the responsibility of younger siblings, never took a bus to town, never ordered my own food at a restaurant, never allowed walk the dog on my own, trust me I could go on. It’s ridiculous in my own opinion.
My parents got the word of a death to one of our family members and have to go to a funeral on Thursday. A day which I’m in school. So my dad told me they’re not going to be there for me after school, then said he’s going to prepare lamb chops for me and all I have to do is re heat them. I’m home from school at about 5. They’ll be home at about 6.30. I said I didn’t want them, and I’ll be fine. He then listed out 10 more recipes he could prepare. Seriously, if I’m hungry, I can easily make a sandwich, or soup, or something like that. Yet that’s all I can do. Because I never had to cook for myself. Also no one’s allowed use dads kitchen without him shadowing over them every second. These are only small examples to daily life.
I want to be independent.
I want to learn how to live my own life.
I don’t want to be taken care of as much.
Release me.


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