A teenagers cry for help

How is it you work with young people my age to help them, yet are oblivious to my pain?
How is it you always complain I’m online for too long yet when I begin you explain you shut off?
How is it you know I’m indecisive about my future yet you do nothing to help?
How is it I always tell you about my music interests yet you just complain about my trashy generations music?
How is it you always lightly ask me how my friends are yet you never question why I don’t mention some anymore?
How is it you always take my excuse of taking my make up off or yawning or bring tired yet I cry to myself almost everyday?
How is it you say you understand the academic pressure I’m under yet all you can say is ‘Put the head down’?
How is it at weekends you always ask what I am doing yet when all I want is you to ask what we should do?
How is it you always say you’re there for me yet I’ve been most comforted by videos online of teens like me?
How is it I enjoy going to guitar lessons to learn about technique and quality yet all you want me to do is repeatedly play four chords to play an easy song?
How is it you always ask what the news is when I’m online yet when I tell you some interesting fact about the environment or a new scientific discovery you don’t accept this as news?
How is it you don’t care about the earth because you’ll be dead someday yet I have to live on in it?
How is it you always hear me talking of places I want to do yet you never take me there?
How is it you constantly tell me to stop talking in my ‘accent’ of where I go to school or stop mumbling simply because you’re only half listening yet when I ask you to repeat what you’re saying you get frustrated?
How come you always complain about my sisters life choices to me yet never talk to her about them?
How is it I get blamed?
How is it I’m feeling this way?
How is it you’re doing nothing to change it?

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