Sassy-ness of an Art teacher.

If you have read my blog before, you may have noticed how I hate the stereotypical attitude of my generation. Today, I had another encounter.

Now, before I begin my story, I kinda want to say that this teacher probably wasn’t my favorite teacher in the world… We “rubbed off” each other a bit. For example, when we had a double computer class (About 80 mins) last week. And the internet stopped working. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m the most experienced with computers, but I can say I’ve a fair idea of them, as I constantly work on them. Anyway, the internet stopped working, and I knew how to fix it because the same problem happens on my computer at home. So, I raise my hand and she comes over. I explain to her what I said above and told her the solution. Without trying she said I was wrong and that an “engineer” came in this morning and “fixed” it. (Yes, she stated both of these using air quotes.) Back to her desk she went, and we watched a DVD for the remaining hour. Or another time I was working with three other girls, who wouldn’t be the most loud or confidant type of people, which is understandable of course. So when our teacher came around to our group, none of the girls said much, so obviously I explained what we were doing. AS A GROUP. Then, my teacher attacked ME with all these questions, none of which I knew the full detailed answer to, but just simply winged it, making gestures like; “AS A TEAM we did…” or “TOGETHER we worked on…”. After this sattire, and her leaving, I asked the other girls why didn’t they speak. They said I was handling it better than they ever could. I wasn’t. These kinds of things have happened more than once. However, I’ve never had a ‘passion of hate’ towards her.
But in todays story, she won my respect hands down.
She came in today complaining about how she spent half an hour correcting one project. So we were now correcting each others.  I didn’t think much of this, she’d gotten us to do this before. However, one girl refused to do it. And this was what went down.
Teacher: Where’s your pen?
Girl: In my bag.
Teacher: First of all, you shouldn’t have a bag with you in the classroom. Now get a pen out to correct.
*so the girl gets her pen out and still refuses to correct her classmates work*
Teacher: Why aren’t you doing it?
Girl: It’s not my job to.
Teacher: Who’s job is it?
Girl: Yours.
Teacher: And what’s your job?
Girl: To do the work.
Teacher: So where’s your work?
Girl: I haven’t got it done.
Teacher: I know. Now start correcting.

All I could say was BUUUURN. (Quietly whispered to my friend beside me of course.)
Like, I know it’s what we’re all thinking, but I cannot stress this enough. ONE DOES NOT SAY THEIR SELFISH THOUGHTS TO WORKING TEACHERS.


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