Saving my cat

Just saved my female cat from a male cat in a tree…..
How’s your Saturday going?

^^My facebook status after an eventful morning. 
So today as I was watching albinwonderland ( check her out, I’m obsessed xD) in my kitchen while drinking tea, I heard a strange screeching noise. Thinking it was just part of her video, I ignored it. A few seconds later, my father came in from our sitting room claiming he heard a screeching noise from our cat outside. Well, it’s not really OUR cat….but a ‘neighbourhood cat’ who gets fed by all and whom I called Oreo. Anyhoo, my dad and I went on an adventure, abandoning my tea, to the outside. Around our house, we have these huge ever green bushes, like 15 ft tall. So we went to the side of the house and still heard this distressed screeching noise from above. Not being able to see anything, I climbed over the piece of plastic fencing diving our front from our back gardens. Then, I went closer to the trees by climbing on a rock. Suddenly, the screeching stopped and after a shuffling noise a fat black cat dropped out of no where and ran frantically into the neighbouring field and didn’t look back. Confused at this mysterious unknown cat, I thought that was it. So did my dad and he left with me still up a rock in a tree. However, I then a quiet little ‘mew’. I had NO IDEA where it was coming from, but all I could hear is a meowing cat. With another shuffle, Oreo finally came back into view. On a very unstable looking branch. I reassured her (don’t judge me) as she tried to get down. Out of reach, I called for dad. No answer. I hadn’t realised he’d left. Cool thanks dad. I also want to add that I was wearing heeled boots, not that I was going anywhere, as you probably got from this, this was the most eventful part of my weekend, but I got them last week and was just wearing them in. So in my heeled boots, on a rock, in a tree, with no help, I awkwardly half climbed half just stretched my leg to a different branch. The cat was clearly traumatised, but somehow she began to climb down then eventually fall onto my knee. There was an awkward moment when I was partially doing the splits when I realised how I had not planned this out and now I was stuck with a scared cat on my knee. Obviously I couldn’t get help, so I coaxed Oreo to move onto a different branch for a few seconds while I regained my balance. Then, using my awesomeness, I reached up for her again and helped her back down. 

So there’s an eventful story that happened to me…. no exaggeration what so ever….
I’m going to go plan next weekend now….

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