Tests Tests Tests.

Yes, that can only mean one thing- and I’m not talking about the same thing as One Direction- I’m talking about the long awaited parent teacher meeting.

Yay. *I do hope you note my sarcasm*

I mean… why do they need to give us tests the week before? As if that one test decides if we’ve been a good student for the past year? You know what I think decides? The fact that I’ve had no detentions, or suspensions, or expulsions in my whole three and a half years.

Exactly what our generation needs…MORE STRESS!!! 😀 *again…please note the sarcasm*

Maths test, French test and English test. And that’s only tomorrow.

HOW are we meant to know all this stuff? If one teacher can’t teach us EVERY subject, then how is every student meant to know EVERYthing?

“screw screw screw my life, gently down the drain. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is what a pain!”

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