It isn’t a random photo I just found online that serves as my banner photo on my blog. No, it’s much much more than that. 


It represents freedom. The ocean is so huge, I can’t even comprehend it. The next stop from Donegal is America. (And as many times as we tried swimming there, no…it doesn’t work)

It represents friendship. See those three black bodies in the water waving their arms? Their two of my amazing friends who I’ve known since the womb. We don’t go to school together, so I never associate them with exams or pressure or stress. Every memory we’ve had together involves summer, sun, hills and water. They’re very like me. What you see is what you get, no point of useless drama and always honest. They’ve seen me from my very best to my very worst. 

It represents family. That’s what they are to me. That’s what the place is to me. If you could ever imagine a perfect utopia of happiness and bliss, I’ve found it. It’s where my ancestors are from. That very village. I’ve countless cousins and relatives up there who don’t care where anyone else has come from as they accept anyone with a kind heart. 

It represents nature. My heart aches to be near that sea. That sand, those hills, the rocks, the “boogyman’s castle”. Nothing else matters when you stare at the beauty of the world. Nothing else has to matter. 

It represents fun. And my goodness is it fun. There’s always been terrible coverage where we are, which caused a great thing called “imagination” to develop each summer. Whether it’s building our own go-karts and racing them down hills, or just playing hide and seek in the marshy landscape! We never wanted any more. 

It represents good. I’ve never experienced a bad day there. If I ever did, it would be a burden from where I had come from. This burden soon went away with a lil help from all my friends there. 

It represents stress-free. No school, no stress, no make up, no tight clothing, no designer clothing, no need to be the best, no need to be sad, no need to be worried… just the sense of completion. 

It represents happiness. From all the reasons above. 

It represents home. And you’ve no idea how much I miss it. 

Lateness, Orals and Drama (MindRambles#4)

This week wasn’t the smoothest for me, in all honesty.
I had a french oral, which was 20% of my over all test next June, and I still don’t know what to make of it.
The weekend before, I had a huuuge dramatic fight with one of my very close friends and we’re kind of only solving it now. It was over a boy she liked, that I seriously disapproved of, and had good reasons to. And I know, in theory, I technically have nothing to do with her love life, I do have something to do with her over all life, which I didn’t want to see fall apart. To anyone else coming to me with that situation, I’d obviously say let it play out. But with her. . . . I just couldn’t. Very long story short I had a mild break down with my other friends about 15 minutes before my french exam. This caused me to forget everything I had learnt off, and I was surviving on mere basics. However, the past is in the past and I know there is no point in over analysing what I did wrong. I have my Irish test on Monday, so wish me luck!

And yes, I know this is a day late, but I have no idea what I’m doing with my life besides surviving at the moment. As much as I would love to make this site into my whinging diary, I know it’s not. I want to be that blogger that people visit when they’re sad. I want to make you all happy, but I’m just not happy right now. I’m losing motivation each day, and I seriously need Easter Holidays to come faster. My head needs to stop hurting and I need to start sleeping more. It’s my birth month though…

“We are what we wear”

Have you ever looked at someones outfit and thought, ‘wow, what were they thinking this morning?’ I know I have. But the more you look at it, the more you start to understand it, and why they chose it. Maybe that blue jumper actually does ‘go’ with those red socks? Our clothing is a reflection of what we are feeling. To me, “we are what we wear”, can be summed up in the three C’s. Creativity. Career. Culture. These three c’s mould us into the person we present to the world. Just like a turtle in a shell, we can tell the world who we are! This is the way we can show a stranger on the street where we’ve come from, what we work at, and a glimpse of our personality; the most important aspects of our lives. In the words of Karl Lagerfeid;

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality”

Anyone who looks back at their facebook during they early years of being a teenager will probably point out something in the picture which they cringe about. Why did I wear so much black make up? Did I actually think it was alright for my hair to look like that in public Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve totally been there. But at the time it seemed ‘cool’. It seemed ‘the norm’, and it seemed like the ‘in thing’ to do. But do you know what I love most about those embarrassing photos? No one ever told me that I couldn’t plaster my eyes in eyeliner, or wear my hair as high as heaven. No one ever took away my right to look how I wanted to look. I can appreciate that right, because I know that others do not have it. Adolescence is about discovery and expression; learning from mistakes instead of repeating them, and smiling back at the judgemental people who don’t approve of your rainbow coloured socks.

As we grow older, we realise the harsh truth that having neon coloured hair won’t automatically give you a job because of your individuality. We begin to blend to bleak colours. Our uniform is all blue. But there’s nothing wrong with all blue as out uniform is not a sigh of oppression. It is a sign of equality. Likewise in the world of work. Army members have the trademark camouflage colour, and the guards have their signature ensemble. If you saw a civil servant on the street, you wouldn’t pity their lack of colour and rights. No, you would respect them straight away as they’re trying to make the world a better place. They are part of a functioning unit of people whose aim is for the greater good. Judging people on how they look doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. Wouldn’t you like praise if you spent your years abroad fighting for whats right? Wouldn’t you like respect for risking your life each day? Yes, we do. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with being part of a community. There’s something wrong with people who negatively judge us.

Many of our habits stem from our parents, or who raised us. Our taste in music, maybe. Or food. And maybe even fashion. Is it true that our own culture contributes to our appearance? Of course it does! Some may wear the hijab according to their religion. Some may only wear dressed and skirts as that’s all they’ve known at home. Some may braid their hair like their ancestors did. Some may braid their hair like their ancestors did. Some may wear a certain hat because it was given to them by someone close to them. It’s irrelevant, but distinguishable. Our culture is such a huge part of who we are. So why shouldn’t we show it? We should all be proud of our roots. You could probably tell an American from a Brit. Their stanse, their hair, their style. Our heritage can be what defines us, if we want it to. We don’t have to shove it down each others throats, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ignore it either. Because, as different as we all are, we are one race on this earth.

So maybe we are what we wear. But our styles can change, just like our personalities do. Maybe you regret wearing that jumper, but at the time you didn’t. Isn’t it so much better to have equality with our uniforms than it is to have unhealthy competition over clothes each day? And isn’t it a proud feeling when someone compliments your clothing or style? In actuality, they’re complimenting you. Your style. Your ability to express yourself. We can be anything, just like we can wear anything. In the wise words from a Lion King,

“One thing nothing can destroy is our pride deep inside we are one”

Soul Bread, Poles and Ukuleles (MindRambles#3)

I get volunteered for a lot of public speaking in my year, as I’m one of the few who can actually speak to a crowd, (which kind of worries me a bit that we all don’t have enough confidence to speak to each other). But yeah, I had to do a reading at mass. I know I’m not the most religious person in the world, but when your 8 month pregnant religion teacher asks you sweetly to read, you respect her and accept. It was a weird reading that was like, “it’s ok if you don’t have money, come and your soul will buy your food”, (except a little less casual than that…) A note to future self- read the readings before you go on the alter.

There was a group of us waiting for our bus one day last week. Usually we wait on the right side of the road, and then cross the road when our bus comes over the hill. On a relating note to the story, I had my hair down. Imagine Hermonie Grangers hair in first year. That’s basically mine. A brown wavy bush of a mess. Anyway, we were crossing the road and I was talking to my friend and before crossing the road, I heard a bang and wasn’t able to walk forward. Of course he started laughing, and I did too once I had realised what happened. I had walked into a pole without noticing as it was a windy day and the hair was in my eyes. He apologised straight away for laughing, but I couldn’t blame him. “The perks of having long hair” I say before we actually cross the road together to get the bus.

It was my cousins confirmation last Friday. I got out of school early for it (wooo). She had originally told us all she was taking my mothers name, but I told her that the best way to get the most money would be to pick our grandmothers name (who we never knew). I honestly did it just for a laugh, but when the day actually came she chose our grand mothers name. I was honestly shocked because when I asked why she did, she shrugged her shoulders and told me, “because you told me to.” It was a strange feeling, as I’ve never really been an authority figure for someone. Besides her, I’m the youngest girl cousin- so advice usually doesn’t come from me. I’ve also only ever been surrounded by older cousins, so it was just strange to me that she actually listened to what I had to say. I was kinda chuffed inside though.

It was my friends birthday last Saturday. Unfortunately, her great grand mother passed away that morning so we went over early to make her smile. The day before, one of my friend and I were skyping and decided to write our own lyrics to “If this is Love” by McFly and I’d play it on the ukulele. So we did, and it made her cry with joy. That made me feel happy.

My french oral is next Monday. I’m absolutely dreading it.

One of my friends in my group in school has decided to ignore us all- except me in Irish class when it’s only the two of us. I don’t know whether to take this as her being fake to me, or as a compliment as I’m the only one she likes. Still uncertain.

My teacher sent me on a wild goose chase to find cameras, chargers, keys and tripods today. I was annoyed about how unprepared she was for a speaker we had in.



“Society does not treat its people in a fair way”

As much as I’d love to disagree with this topic and state that everyone in the world is treated and respected the same way, I simply cannot. Although officially we are all equal under law, society cannot accept this. But then again, what or who is society? It is us. We are society. Every time we pass judgement on somebody, we’re reforming to what the image of a ‘perfect person’ should be. Every time we look at a woman with lust as an object, we are continuing to support society’s behaviour towards women. This generation cannot be saved from the image of what a ‘perfect person’ should act or look like. However, we can teach the next. 

Fifty years after Martin Luthur King’s famous speech, his vision remained as a dream for many people around the world. He wanted to continue to protect those whose human rights were being violated because of their race, colour, descent or national and ethnic origins. We are not genetically predisposed to hate someone based on all the above. We have grown up with it as a problem. These society influences are coming from the older generation and the consequences are being left with us. Yes, us. With everything going on in the world, how is there room for hate or prejudice or discrimination or racism? There’s so much that we can learn from each other if things and situations were free in the world. Society has embedded into us that these are the social norms that we should expect in life. But we shouldn’t. Too many people have spent too many years fighting for something that should be theirs anyway. Racism divides. But what defines a ‘race’? We are all one race, who may have differences in culture, but we share one world. 

From the time we are young, we are exposed to the media. These images surround us and teach us how we should be, and how the world should be viewed. But how much influence does this industry have? Media is a commercial venture. This makes it hard to change things in our society. Advertising supports lessons taught during programming by reinforcing behaviours and attitudes. Music videos and TV shows present women as sexual objects, and portrayed as enjoying this. Teenage girls take cues from how they should look from models they see in fashion magazines. However, we often hear of women being the only victims in the media. But women are not alone in feeling pressure by the media. Men are just as susceptible to fit a certain media mould. Boys are taught to be masculine; to be tough, physically active, in control, powerful, strong, aggressive, and violent to gain their power. And it is all predominantly represented by white, working class men. Even taking all that into consideration, women have it worse off. Men are encouraged to be healthy bodybuilders, where as women starve themselves to achieve an unrealistic body image which can possibly cause death. Women are in an unhealthy position as long as they docilely accept their norms that are shown to them by the media. 

It is still disgraceful that even in the 21st century, we are still fighting for the rights of women. The word feminist gets thrown around a lot. The uneducated theory being ‘a bunch of women burning their bras for self liberation’. However, the term feminist can be explained as the doctrine advocating social, political and all other rights of women equal to men. Yet, women are feeling immense pressure from society that men never will. Body. Class. Work. Family. Race. Globalisation. Human rights. Popular culture. Sex. Science. Reproduction. Sexuality. In that list, if you thought “men go through the same sufferings”, then why are we sill treated unequal? Why are men deciding what women can and cannot do with their bodies? Why is it that the 82% of men involved in the media can attack, humiliate, belittle and destroy a girl before she even leaves school? Why is inequality still accepted in society with only two genders with one difference? We run the risk of another generation growing up to the devaluating of women. 

By simply educating todays generation, the cycle of hate, influenced by society, can be broken. We cannot function in a world with so much hate towards each other. Almost each war in the world was started over choice of religion. Humans are the only species known cruel enough to kill each other for no advantage to themselves; correction, ourselves. We are all part of the same earth. Society disrupts the harmony simply by being encouraged negatively. Change needs to take place in order to benefit society. 

Ear Holes, YouTube Drama and Song Writing (MindRambles#2)

I have holes in my ears now. They weren’t there this time last week. 
On Saint Patricks day, my best friend and I went to get our ears pierced as we were the only people we knew who didn’t have them done. Ten of us in Claires with lollypops and stickers. Ah yes, lovely adolescence. 

There’s also been a lot of legal drama involving a few YouTubers I know of. I’m quite disheartened at the whole situation as YouTube was once presented as a safe haven where anyone can join for their interests. However, I do know there are many YouTubers who are still lovely, and genuine, and not fake. It is because of all these that I can look past the wrongs of the others and not loose faith in the people who only want to do good in life. 

It’s my friends birthday soon, and for it, my friend and I are re writing McFlys song “Love is Easy” to our own words. We’ve laughed so much over our horrible skills, but we got it done in a day and we have to polish it up tomorrow. It turns out that the words ‘seventeen’ and ‘lauren’ are extremely hard to find rhymes to. 
Our bridge consists of- “Oh I can’t believe that you’re seventeen, or that nothing rhymes with seventeen- oh!” 

Have a good week :) 

Leprechaun catching- St. Patricks Day 2014


Dia Duit friends! You may or may not know that I’m Irish. But in honour of St. Patricks Day tomorrow, I want to tell you all of a tradition we have here. If you’re Irish, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you have Irish ancestors, you can also join in. (because honestly, who doesn’t have Irish relatives).

Every year, as a nation, we go ‘leprechaun catching’. Now, I’m not too certain of the history of this sport, but it has something to do with the time St. Patrick came to Ireland and banished all the snakes. It seemed the snakes and the leprechauns had a partner ship which meant that they were allies. However, the Elder Leprechaun betrayed the snakes and told St. Patrick where the snakes were. As punishment for tattling on them, leprechauns were cursed by the snake leader. This curse meant that they could only come out once a year- St. Patricks day. And on this day, each Irish person has the right to defend their families from being deceived, by capturing the leprechauns.
So now that you have the back story. Here’s how it works :) Enjoy!

1. On March 16th, each family leaves a fresh potato outside their front door.
2. The next morning, if the potato is gone before 7am, it is evidence that a leprechaun wants to deceive that household.
3. Buy a rubber snake and cover it in Guinness. Place the wet snake in the middle of a nearby barley field. There must be shamrocks in that field- as evidence of leprechaun inhabitants.
4. Set up a net as a trap. By now, the leprechauns should have begun to sensed the Guinness and have appeared. To be extra effective, have some Daniel O Donnell music playing in the back ground.
5. As they approach the net, throw a potato in front of the snake. The leprechaun will now think of this as a peace offering and move towards it.
6. Release the net on top of the leprechaun and quickly chant the words “an will key ad a gum dull go dee on let tress”

Congratulations! You have now successfully captured a leprechaun and sold their soul to the snake leader! Don’t forget to collect your rainbow gold!

Happy Paddys Day to you all!